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All our silicon AFM probes are also available with a Gold Coating deposited either only on the back side of the cantilever or as an overall coating on both sides of the cantilever.

The Gold Coating enhances the laser reflectivity of the cantilever and it can be used in various special applications.
We offer our Gold Coating as a back side reflex coating for our:
• Tapping mode AFM probes - Tap300GD-G
NEW » Tap190GD-G
• Force modulation AFM probes - Multi75GD-G
• Contact mode AFM probes - ContGD / ContGD-G

And as an overall Gold Coating covering both sides of the cantilever:
• Tapping mode AFM probes - Tap300GB-G
• Force modulation AFM probes - Multi75GB-G
• Contact mode AFM probes - ContGB-G

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