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AFM probe Model ContAl-G - AFM Holder Chip
AFM probe Model ContAl-G

AFM Probe Model: ContAl-G

  application:  Contact Mode
  general:  Rotated Monolithic silicon probe
Symmetric tip shape
Chipsize 3.4 x 1.6 x 0.3 mm

Alignment Grooves
  coating:  Aluminium reflex coating,
30 nm thick
Resonant Frequency - 13 kHz
Force Constant - 0.2 N/m
AFM probe Model ContAl-G - AFM Holder Chip The AFM Holder Chip fits most commercial AFMs as it is industry standard size. It is compatible with DI/Veeco AFMs, TM Microscopes, JEOL, Molecular Imaging, and other commercial atomic force microscopes (AFMs). This product features alignment grooves on the backside of the holder chip.
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