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AFM probe Model ContDLC - AFM Tip
AFM probe Model ContDLC

AFM Probe Model: ContDLC

  application:  Contact Mode
  general:  Rotated Monolithic silicon probe
Symmetric tip shape
Chipsize 3.4 x 1.6 x 0.3 mm
Alignment Grooves
  coating:  Diamond-Like-Carbon coating on tip side of the cantilever, 15nm thick;
Aluminum coating
on detector side of the cantilever; 30 nm thick
Resonant Frequency - 13 kHz
Force Constant - 0.2 N/m
AFM probe Model ContAl-G - AFM Tip

The AFM tip is micromachined, monolithic Silicon probe, exhibiting excellent uniformity and a sharp tip radius. The consistent tip radius of less than 15 nm gives good resolution and reproducibility.

This probe uses an "on scan angle" symmetric tip to provide a more symmetric representation of features over 200 nm.

The robust Diamond-Like-Carbon coating on the tip side ensures lower tip wear and high durability.

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