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BudgetSensors's AFM probes on-line shop
AFM probes for Tapping Mode, Intermittent Contact Mode
Force Modulation AFM probes
AFM probes for Contact Mode
Conductive AFM probes
Silicon Nitride AFM probes
Gold Coated AFM probes
Magnetic AFM probes
DLC Probes
All-In-One Probes
Calibration Standards
2011-11-25: Innovative Solutions Bulgaria Buys MEMS Fab
2008-11-17: BudgetSensors® Introduces Tipless All-In-One AFM Probes
2008-08-20: BudgetSensors® appoints new distributor in Israel
2008-07-30: BudgetSensors Introduces a Calibration Standard with 500nm Step Height
2008-07-28: BudgetSensors Introduces All-In-One AFM Probes
2008-05-26: BudgetSensors Introduces NEW Calibration Standards
2008-04-01: BudgetSensors announces the introduction of a range of Diamond-Like-Carbon (DLC) coated AFM probes.
2007-10-26: BudgetSensors® Introduces Another NEW Tapping Mode AFM probe and Alignment Grooves for a Selection of AFM Probes
2007-10-26: Soft Tapping Mode Probes available now
2007-09-17: BudgetSensors® appoints new distributor in Singapore
2007-08-15: FREE SAMPLES of Soft Tapping Mode AFM Probes NOW AVAILABLE
2007-08-09: BudgetSensors® Opens first Nanotechnology Centre in Bulgaria
2007-04-23: BudgetSensors® introduces AFM Probes with Magnetic Coating
2007-01-15: BudgetSensors® Changes North American Distribution Network
2006-12-19: BudgetSensors Distributor NanoAndMore USA Opens West Coast Office
2006-10-23: BudgetSensors® optimizes distribution in Korea by the appointment of NanoWin Corp.
2006-07-12: BudgetSensors® Appoints Great Domain Enterprise Co., Ltd. as its distributor in Taiwan
2006-06-26: BudgetSensors® Appoints "Being
Nano-Instruments Ltd." as its distributor in China
2006-03-24: BudgetSensors® Launches New Product
The TipCheck SPM sample
2006-01-16: BudgetSensors® Launches New Product
The Gold Series
2005-12-14: BudgetSensors® Launches New Product The BudgetComboBox
2005-11-11: We have launched a Chinese version of our website
2005-11-01: BudgetSensors® signs distribution agreement with NanoAndMore USA Corp. for USA, Canada and Mexico
2005-09-29: BudgetSensors® Appoints Ted Pella Inc. as its distributor
2005-08-01: We have launched a Spanish version of our website
2005-06-20: We have extended our gallery
2005-06-03: BudgetSensors® launches new website
2005-04-15: NanoWorld holding acquires ISB
2005-02-15: We have moved into a new head office
2005-01-27: We have invested in a new office building
2005-01-15: Silicon Nitride AFM probe now available
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