AFM Probes

Standard Tapping Mode AFM Probes

Standard tapping and non-contact mode

Soft Tapping Mode AFM Probes

Soft tapping mode on soft samples

Force Modulation AFM Probes

Force modulation, light tapping mode

Contact Mode AFM Probes

Contact mode and lateral force microscopy

Gold Coated AFM Probes

Life science applications, tip functionalization

Conductive AFM Probes

Electrical measurements such as EFM, KPFM, PZM, SSRM and C-AFM

Magnetic AFM Probes

Magnetic force microscopy (MFM)

High Resolution AFM Probes

Atomic and near-atomic resolution measurements

Diamond and DLC Coated AFM Probes

Hardened tips for longer lifetime

All-In-One AFM Probes

Multiple cantilevers for different applications on one chip

Tipless AFM Probes

Cantilevers for custom tips


Mixed Box with 50 BudgetSensors AFM probes of your choice