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Why XYZ calibration nanogrid?

In order to make the most of their measurement capabilities, AFM systems need to be properly calibrated. Therefore, the more precise your calibration standard, the better AFM measurement results can be achieved. In this aspect, nanogrid calibration standards allow the most precise AFM system calibration.

Our Solution:

CS-20NG is an advanced XYZ calibration nanogrid that enables calibration up to the nanometer level. It features silicon dioxide structure arrays on a 5x5 mm silicon chip. The fabrication process guarantees excellent uniformity of the structures across the chip. This in turn ensures easy and reliable X, Y and Z axis calibration of your AFM system. 

The calibration area is situated in the center of the chip. It is easy to find with the AFM optical system. 

The structure step height is in the range of 20 nm. The exact value for each chip is indicated on the box label. Arrays of structures with different shape and pitch are integrated on the chip. The large square (1x1 mm) contains square pillars and holes with a 10 um pitch. The middle square contains circular pillars and holes as well as lines in the X- and Y-direction with a 5 um pitch. The small square contains circular holes with a 500 nm pitch. 

The CS-20NG is suitable for both lateral and vertical AFM scanner calibration. The structure symmetry makes it possible to calibrate your AFM system in one step without rotating the sample in-between X- and Y-axis calibration. The CS-20NG chip is glued onto a 12 mm metal disc using a high-quality electrically conductive epoxy resin and it is ready for use as shipped.

Technical data at a glance:

Die size:

Step height:
~20nm, the precise value is stated on the label of each box

Structure geometry:
- Square holes and pillars with 10um pitch arranged in a 1x1mm square
- Circular pillars and holes, and lines in the x- and y- direction with a 5um pitch
arranged in a 500x500um square
- Circular holes with a 500nm pitch arranged in a 100x100um square
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