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AFM Probe Model: All-In-One-Al


Several Measurement Modes


Rotated Monolithic Silicon Probe
Symmetric Tip Shape
Chipsize: 3.4 x 1.6 x 0.3 mm

  coating:  Aluminium reflex coating,
30 nm thick

This probe uses “on scan angle” symmetric tips to provide
a more symmetric representation of features over 200 nm.

All-In-OneThe All-in-One probes offer four cantilevers with different geometry for all topography measurement modes: contact mode, force modulation, soft tapping and tapping mode. The resonance frequencies and force constants are similar to the ones of the well-established models ContAl, Multi75Al, Tap150Al-G and Tap300Al.

The long cantilevers A for contact mode and B for force modulation are located at one end of the chip while the short cantilevers C for soft tapping and D for tapping mode are located at the opposite end. The short cantilever end is marked by a trapezoidal pattern visible with bare eyes.

Cantilever Application Similar to Short specs
(typical values)
A Contact Mode ContAl Res. Frequency: 15 kHz
Force Constant:
0.2 N/m
B Force modulation, Pulsed Force Mode Multi75Al Res. Frequency:
80 kHz
Force Constant:
2.7 N/m
C Soft Tapping Mode, Intermittent Contact-Mode Tap150Al-G Res. Frequency:
150 kHz
Force Constant:
7.4 N/m
D Tapping Mode, Intermittent Contact-Mode Tap300Al Res. Frequency:
350 kHz
Force Constant:
40 N/m
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